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Frequently Asked Questions
Sailing School Frequently Asked Questions What is the cancellation policy after I make a deposit?
Please go to our Cancellation Policy page.

What happens if it rains?
Only the staff at Castle Harbor may determine whether to continue a class. Generally light rain is OK if the wind is good. If there is lightning or other dangerous condition a make-up time will be scheduled.

Sailing School FAQs What should I wear?
Dress similar to tennis (soft shoes with closed toes, no black sole, no sandals), hat, sunglasses, maybe a day shirt to change into.

What should I bring?
Lunch and water. Sunblock. Maybe a towel. Hat & Sunglasses.

Do I need a motion sickness drug like Dramamine?

How big is the group?
Limit to three per instructor boat for Learn-to-Sail or Basic Powerboat.
Limit to four per instructor boat for cruising or twin-engine powerboat.

Will I get certified?
YES if you complete the three-day program and PASS your skills and written test on the water.

Castle Harbor Boating School
9610 Old Cutler Road · Coral Gables, FL 33156
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