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Boating Safety Through Education and Practical Training Since 1949

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Certification Requirements For ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Challenge
  1. Forecast prevailing local weather
  2. Know appropriate safety equipment
  3. Demonstrate ability to rig & de-rig jib, and furl mainsail
  4. Leave & return to dock under sail – have a plan for different wind directions
  5. Demonstrate the following: tacking, jibing, steering control, speed control, getting out of irons, general comfort and dexterity with sail trim & control
  6. Demonstrate heave-to
  7. Demonstrate sailing by-the-lee
  8. Demonstrate crew overboard recovery – any of three proper techniques
  9. Reefing the mainsail
  10. Steering with sails only
  11. Have adequate knowledge of Biscayne Bay or equivalent chart reading skills
  12. Demonstrate knot tying: bowline, clove hitch, cleat hitch
  13. Know "Rules of the Road"
  14. Know basic emergency procedures
  15. Know proper anchoring technique
  16. Achieve a passing grade on the 80 question written test

Castle Harbor Boating
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U.S. Sailing Center
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305-665-4994 · info@castleharbor.com
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