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Miami Sailing News

Get the latest in boat news for racing, rentals, tours and more from the news articles below. Contact Us for more information. See you soon on the waters of Biscayne Bay, Miami!

Ahoy all sailors!
We're starting Wednesday Night Races on our Harbor 20's this Wednesday night, March 21st!! We will meet at 5pm at Coconut Grove Sailing Club (CGSC) every Wednesday for 2 to 3 short races which will increase to more races as it stays light out later. Cost is $30 per person. We will be joining the Flying Scot fleet and Castle Harbor will continue to run race committee. No experience needed!! After the races we will retire to the bar at CGSC to spin sailing yarns and get tips from the winning boats! The racing portion will be very similar to Saturday morning races.

Coconut Grove Sailing Club Location
Coconut Grove Sailing Club

We meet at Coconut Grove Sailing Club located at 2990 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133. No need to register in advance just be there by 5pm to register. Only members can park inside the club's gates so please park in the car park outside or in the parking garage at Sonesta Hotel which is across the street and then just walk over. Registration is right outside the gate of the club. If you have any questions please contact Beth at 305-665-4994 or email her at Happy boating!!

Saturday Racing Report- March 17
Miami Saturday Racing Report- March 17

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor and CGSC hosted a series of three races this past Saturday in SE winds of 1-6 knots. It was a delightful day to be out sailing as seas were smooth and the humidity was low. A windward-leeward course (with offset mark) was set up and the starting line was buoy-end favored. See you next week!

1. VIOLET (Ted, Raul, Eduardo, Candido) 2 1 1
2. FILBERT (Don, Dan, Nuno, John) 1 2 2
3. CELIA (Richard, Lillian, John M, Eileen) 5 3 3
4. BARBIE (Taylor, Michael, Sassank) 3 4 4
5. CASHEW (Andy, Burley, Taffy, Zander) 4 5 5

One of our esteemed sailors is being honored by the President of South Korea next week. Burley Smith was serving on a ship that helped rescue Koreans including the parents of the current President in 1950. Burley is being honored and will have a meeting with the President.
SS Meredith Victory
SS Meredith Victory

The port at Hungnam was the site of a major evacuation of United Nations military, South Korean military, and North Korean civilians during the Korean War in December 1950. Approximately 100,000 troops and material and 100,000 civilians were loaded onto merchant ships and military transports totaling 193 shiploads over the weeks leading up to Christmas 1950. They were transported to safety in Busan and other destinations in South Korea. The evacuation included 14,000 refugees who were transported on one ship, the SS Meredith Victory — the largest evacuation from land by a single ship. This was made possible by a declaration of national emergency by President Truman issued on 16 December 1950 with Presidential Proclamation No. 2914, 3 C.F.R. 99 (1953). This operation was the culmination of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, in which the embattled UN troops fought their way out of a Chinese trap.
Among the civilians evacuated and brought to the South on Burley's ship were the future parents of incumbent South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Saturday Racing Report- March 10
Miami Saturday Racing Report- March 10

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor and Coconut Grove Sailing Club hosted a series of three races today in SE winds of 13-17 knots. A triangular course was set up with a reaching start. In heavy winds this reduces probabilities of collisions at the start. The buoy end was favored. Positions changed greatly on some of the windward legs depending on how well each crew sailed to weather. See you next week!

1. CASHEW (Richard, Lillian, Andy, Eduardo) 1 1 3
2. BARBIE (Martin, Leandro, Evan, Augustin, 2 6 1
3. FILBERT (Cary, Kristen, Nic, Glenn) 6 3 2
4. CELIA (Taylor, Sassank, Michael, Jose) 3 4 4
5. VIOLET (Gary, Carl, Jim, John) 5 2 5
6. PEANUT (Ted, Robert, Dan, Nuno 4 5 6​
1. LILITH 1 1 DNS​

Saturday Racing Report- March 3
Miami Saturday Racing Report- March 3

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor and CGSC hosted a series of four races today in shifty NW winds of 5-13 knots. Seas were smooth and humidity low. A windward-leeward course (with offset mark) was set up with a long starting line that was favored at the buoy end. It was a beautiful day on the water.

CELIA and Team Larimore, led by Grand Master Tactician Taylor Larimore, won for the day by getting consistently great starts by being on the line and at the favored end.

1. CELIA (Taylor, Taffy, Michael, Burley Sassank) 4 1 1 2
2. BARBIE (Richard, Lillian, Nuno, Candido, Andy) 1 4 3 1
3. CASHEW (Evan, Dom, Adam, Aton, Carl) 2 3 6 3
4. FILBERT (Cliff, Martin, Simon, Don, Jim) 3 2 4 5
5. VIOLET (John, Ian, Victor, Jose, Shannon) 6 5 2 4
6. PEANUT (Gary, Ken, Eileen, Diego, Kim) 5 6 5 6

The CGSC has been doing a great job serving gourmet hot dogs with ice cold beer whilst we talk about the racing and give out awards. See you next week!

Gary Fretz & Nicholaus Pro Win Sandpiper Catboat "Worlds"
Gary Fretz and Nicholaus Pro Win Sandpiper Catboat Worlds

Gary Fretz, owner of Castle Harbor Boating had a great weekend winning the Sandpiper Catboat "Worlds".

Sandpiper Catboats "Worlds" at Useppa Island
Sandpiper Catboats Worlds at Useppa Island

The Marshall Sandpiper Catboat Fleet is the largest class of catboats racing in the world. With 11 active fleets in North America, twenty something boats competed in the recent "Worlds" Championship in beautiful Useppa Island, FL.

Six races were sailed in the series in SE winds of 8-13 knots with Fretz/Pro winning the last three in a row.

Sandpiper Catboats Racing
Sandpiper Catboats Racing

Catboats were plentiful in the mid-1800's and mainly used as "lighters" to carry freight and passengers from large deep-draft schooners to shallow shorelines. There is a perfectly-preserved catboat built in 1860 very similar to Sandpipers in the Museum of Yachting in Bristol, RI. They are a pleasure to sail because one person can easily sail it and they can carry numerous passengers in very shallow waters.

Useppa Island ( has been called "One of The Top Ten Most Exclusive Islands In The World" and was the scene of some great parties this past five days while the regatta participants were there. Useppa's Pink Promenade was constructed in 1903 when Useppa was a sport fishing resort and winds through a tropical forest on top of Indian middens.

Useppa Island Pink Promenade
Useppa Island Pink Promenade

Sail & Power Boating Courses- Feb. & March
Boating Courses- February and March

We have numerous, upcoming boating courses! Members remember you can use 6 of your boat credits ($300 value) for each course.


2 day Safe Powerboat Handling Certification Course:
-February 24th and 25th
-March 10th and 11th
-March 17th and 18th
Cost $695 per person for group course.


Catalina 275' Racing course:
Class dates:
-March 17th and 18th
$375 per person for the 2 class days.
Participate in an ORC race and practice your new skills! Choose one or more ORC race days after completing the 2 class days:
Race dates:
February 25th, May 6th, June 9th
$125 per race per person.
You don't need any sailing experience. After completing the race clinic you will have gained experience in participating in all boat racing positions including helms person, tactician, foredeck, jib, main and spinnaker trimmer.
If you have ASA or US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification you may be able to charter our Catalina 275 after this course!

3 day ASA 101 Basic Keelboat course:
-March 10th, 11th and 12th
-March 24th, 25th and April 4th
Group class price $745 per person.

If you'd like more information or would like to register for any of these courses please call Beth at 305-665-4994 or email at
Spinnaker Racing Clinic- March 17th and 18th
Miami Spinnaker Racing Clinic

On March 17th and 18th we will conduct our next racing clinic on the Catalina 275 Sport.
This course is ideal for the following people:
Those who want to be introduced to the sport of racing a modern racing keelboat with an asymmetrical spinnaker.
Someone who wants to improve their skills and become a more valuable crew to a racing skipper.
Skippers who want to be able to better organize and train their crew.
Someone who just wants to master flying an asymmetrical spinnaker.

We will spend two days sailing windward/ leeward courses. On each trip around we will set, trim, jibe and douse the spinnaker. Each time around we rotate positions on the boat so by the end of each day you have performed every position.
At the end of the course you qualify to come and race with us on a real race. Our graduates sailed the boat to a third place last season and have the boat in second for this year so far, out sailing some seasoned sailors.

Price is $375 per person. Please contact Beth at 305-665-4994 or if you're interested.

Saturday Racing Report- February 10
Miami Saturday Racing Report- February 10

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor and CGSC hosted a series of four races this past Saturday in easterly winds of 13-15 knots. We sailed a triangular course with a reaching start, short windward leg and broad reach back to the finish. These courses minimize collisions at the start and do not require a gybe in heavy winds​ which can put extreme pressure on the rigs.

The Race Committee favored the buoy end of the starting line and the winning boat generally set up their approaches there which helped them win for the day. The winning skipper also stated that their secret to superior speed on the initial reaching leg was setting the traveler down low and playing the main constantly. Even when one of their starts was botched, they had superior speed on the first reach and passed several boats using this technique. See you next week!

Saturday Racing Video- February 10

1. CASHEW (Evan, Diego, Ariel, Will) 4 2 1 1
2. BARBIE (Gary, Richard, Lillian, Nuno) 2 1 3 2
3. VIOLET (Taylor, Taffy, Michael, Ji, Sassank) 1 3 2 4
4. CELIA (Bill, Dan, Jason, Burley, John M) 3 4 5 3
5. EANUT (John D, Joe, Scott,Carl,Santi) 5 6 4 5
6 FILBERT (Andy, Dom, Jim, Cliff) dns 5 6 6

1. 5220 1 1 1
2. 175 2 2 3
3. 75 3 3 2

1. 30336 1 1 1

Miami Saturday Racing Report- January 13

Ahoy all sailors!
We have one person who would definitely like to go into a partnership on this boat. This interested club member would make a wonderful partner!! Please let us know if anyone else is interested.

Castle Harbor has to bid a fond farewell to "On Break" our club's Hunter 36' which the owner is selling. Many thanks to the owner who had her in our club for the last 3 years!!

We have found a wonderful deal on a brand new Jeanneau 349 as shown in the photo above. The boat has been on the market for a bit so the price is greatly reduced. With the old Hunter 36 aging out and leaving the fleet we can offer the new Jeanneau 349 for rental if put in the fleet.

If you'd like to own a boat but do not like worrying about maintenance, rental, slip rental, etc. this is the boat for you. We would love to purchase this boat and get it in the fleet before it gets away. The boat will always be clean and ready for your use. You just come on board and enjoy.

If there are 2 or 3 interested buyers we can assist you in developing a boat partnership! Boat ownership at Castle Harbor Boating requires the owner/s to be flexible about when they use their boat. Owner benefits:
  • No monthly membership fees.
  • Limited access to other boats in the Castle Harbor fleet.
  • Boat costs covered.
  • Potential income.
  • Boat maintenance taken care of.
If seriously interested please call Beth at 305-665-4994 as soon as possible.

Saturday Racing Report- January 13
Miami Saturday Racing Report- January 13

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor and CG Sailing Club hosted a series of 3 races this past Saturday in shifty NW winds of 5-10 knots. A windward-leeward course was set up.

The boats that focused on "staying on the lifted tack upwind" in these shifty winds usually reached the windward mark first. On the downwind legs big gains could be made by getting into a lane with higher pressure. See you next week!

Harbor 20 Results:
1. CELIA: (Michael, Taylor, Bill L, Sassank) 3 1 2
2. VIOLET (Josh, Dom, Nic, Bob F) 1 2 4
3. PAUL (Simon, Lada, Martine, Joe, Evan) 2 6 1
4. FILBERT (Nuno, Ted, Andy, Dave T) 5 4 3
5. CASHEW (Gary S, Alex, Candido, Carl) 6 3 5
6. BARBIE (Bill D, Taffy, Elle, Burley) 4 5 6

Flying Scots:
1. #5246 1 1 1
2. #175 2 2 3
3. #6015 3 3 4
4. #6112 4 4 2
5. #3869 5 5 6
6. #3423 6 6 5
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