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Learn To Race
Learn To Race
Learn To Race
Every Saturday Rain or Shine (unless blowing over 18 knots) from 10:30-1:30. Sail racing on Harbor 20's. No experience necessary.

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Racing News March 18
Racing News

Castle Harbor hosted a series of four races this past Saturday March 18th. Seven boats answered the starting signal in winds of 8-10 knots from the NE. A windward-leeward course (with offset mark) was set up with the buoy end of the line being favored by several degrees.

Racing Video (Watch Full Screen)

Race Results:
1. CELIA (Cliff, Leo, Eileen, Dean) 2 3 1 5
2. BARBIE (Nic, Jim, Kerry, Kristen) 4 2 2 3
3. PEANUT (Evan, Carl, Victor, Jacob) 6 1 5 2
4. VIOLET (Burley, Jason, Sassank, Daniel) 1 5 3 6
5. CASHEW (Michael, Taffy, Taylor, Don) 4 5 7 1
6. FILBERT (Richard, Lillian, CedricJohn) 3 7 4 4
7. PAUL (Gary S, John, Jose, Mela Ashley) 7 6 6 7

Racing News March 11
Racing News

Ahoy sailors!
Castle Harbor hosted a series of 3 races in 2-9 knots of ESE breezes last Saturday. A windward-leeward course (with an offset mark) as set up. The winning team remarked that they felt they won due to watching for higher areas of pressure and heading in that direction.

Be sure to watch in full screen mode.
Video Highlights with Commentary

At the end of this video you can see some footage of the 74 Stars starting in their Bacardi Cup at 19:42 minutes. Many sailors think that the best sailors in the world are Star sailors. The French competitor/winner Xavier Rohar noticed that the committee boat end of the line was favored and set up the same start at the boat each time. You can see the large French flag on his mainsail...notice how he controls forward speed by backing the main with great pressure around 22:00 minutes.

Race Results:
1. BARBIE: (Taylor, Michael, Jeff) 3 1 3
2. VIOLET (Don, Cliff, Robt D) 2 5 2
3. PEANUT (Evan, Brian, Blake) 6 3 1
4. PAUL (John, Robert, Christine) 4 2 5
5. CASHEW (Andy, M. Man, Mona) 1 6 7
6. CELIA (Nuno, Richard, Lillian) 5 7 4
7. FILBERT (Jacob, Raul, Carl) 7 4 6

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