"Lessons are cheaper than problems" is a motto that should motivate new boaters to inquire about education.

It is our goal to give the new recreational boater the required skills to allow him or her to safely enjoy their on-the-water experience. After completion of our two-day program and passing all certification requirements new boating students are invited to join our Rental Club. This is a great way to get boat access at discount prices.You may rent from our fleet of single engine center console boats.

When newly certified your skill level will be assigned as either Novice, Intermediate or Advanced. You may also upgrade your skills by taking our twin-engine advanced class that will include an introduction to electronic navigation. This one-day class will qualify you to rent our 25' angler center console boat.

Classes and Marina:
Castle Harbor Boating School, Inc.
Matheson Hammock Marina
9610 Old Cutler Rd.
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 665-4994